Do’s and Don’ts:

The information below is related to anyone who decides to become an Independent Sales Associate for Motor Club of America Enterprises Inc.

You Should

  • You may use MCA marketing material and self created literature (as long as you submit to MCA for approval.)
  • You may create website(s) to promote MCA as long as you identify yourself as an Affiliate, which must be listed on the home page of your web site(s).
  • You may use the MCA Independent Affiliate logo as long as the logo has correctly display the a valid registered trademark symbol next to it.
  • You may use marketing /auto responders to promote your MCA business. (ex. Aweber, Get Response, GVO Mail)
  • You may use in conjunction with your TVC Affiliate referral link MCA marketing websites that are credible to our business format (ex. Your very own website, or  you can visit ( for all your marketing materials.
  • Affiliates are personally responsible for their postings and all other online activity that relates to MCA. ALL postings must align with MCA values which are high, Policies & Procedures, Terms & Conditions and Compensation Plan and contributes to the MCA community greater good. (Strict Guidelines Applicable)
  • Whenever discussing MCA products, services or the MCA opportunity online in any manner, Affiliates must disclose their full name, MCA ID number and conspicuously identify themselves as a MCA Independent Sales Associate.

You Should Not

  • You may not make improper income or product claims, even if true without a clear and conspicuous Income Disclosure Statement visible.
  • You may not use third party shopping carts to publicize or sell MCA products – like eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, or self-created, etc.
  • You may not self create website(s) to promote MCA without identifying yourself as an MCA Affiliate.
  • You may not slander, harass, or agitate any prospect because they are unwilling to comply with joining your sales team or purchasing an MCA product at the time of your expectations.
  • You may not use Facebook, eBay, Amazon, or Twitter to market MCA online unless you identify yourself as an MCA Affiliate.
  • You may not buy a prospects way into the MCA Affiliate program in hopes of gaining a 100% return on your investment.
  • You may not advertise the MCA Affiliate program or any MCA benefit product on any competitors web sites or social media connections.
  • You may not use any false or misleading testimonials; including product claims or income claims.
  • You may not do anything that may bring the MCA name, brand or Affiliates any disrespect.

For those in violation of any MCA P & P’s, it may result in disciplinary action, which may include fine, suspension, or termination of the offending Affiliate. Further information can be found in your Independent Associates Agreement form, once you become an Independent Sales Associate. If you have any questions regarding the above information, please give us a call during normal business hours.

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